Ensuring Food Safety and Purity with Advanced Pasteurization and Sterilization Solutions

Cosmed Group provides pasteurization and sterilization services and technologies to food producers and manufacturers through a network of contract processing facilities. The company offers several processes, including their patented steam pasteurization H20 Express™ technology, to ensure the safety and purity of herbs, spices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, birdseed, nutraceuticals, grains, and other agricultural commodities. Additionally, Cosmed Group provides equipment and consulting services to support customers operating pasteurization and sterilization processes in-house.

environmental control systems

A New Day for a Medical Device Manufacturer

Cosmed Group, Inc. (Cosmed) is pleased to announce the completion of an agreement to supply ethylene oxide sterilization chambers, Glygen™ environmental control systems, and facility design services to a medical device manufacturer.