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Cosmed Group Leads the Way in Sterilization and Pasteurization

As consumer demand safer products grows, innovative solutions are required to meet expectations. Cosmed Group designs equipment and provides contract services to address the needs of manufacturers to sterilize their instruments, pasteurize their products and protect their brands.

Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Cosmed’s patented steam pasteurization process, H2O Express™, provides precise thermal pasteurization to eliminate pathogens while preserving the taste, quality, texture and other characteristics of dried fruits and vegetables including raisins, cranberries and tomatoes.

Herbs & Spices

Reliable pasteurization services and validated processes give the importer and manufacturer assurance that their products are safe and clean.

Medical Device Sterilization

Contract ethylene oxide sterilization of medical devices in state-of-the-art facility with convenient laboratory services. This technology utilizes dynamic environmental conditioning (DEC) for rapidly conditioning the product in the sterilizer.


From almonds to hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts, the nut manufacturing industry is experiencing regulatory pressure to provide validated pasteurization processes. No company provides more custom solutions than Cosmed Group.


Steam pasteurization is both organic and effective. H2O Express™ allows nutraceutical manufacturers to remain committed to their customer’s demand for natural foods and the need to ensure that their products are safe.



Transform your birdseed with our diverse processing options, including screw conveyors, fluid bed conveyors, and vacuum chamber processing, all tailored to your specific product goals.

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