For more than 50 years ethylene oxide (EtO or EO) has been the technology of choice for sterilizing and pasteurizing herbs and spices. Cosmed Group has been the leading provider of contract EtO sterilization services from a network of facilities nationwide. Working with the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), the company was directly involved in the development of technology to rapidly eliminate residues of EO and its byproducts.

In recent years propylene oxide (PPO) has enjoyed increasing favor with spice manufacturers. Cosmed Group offers improvements on the process validated by UC Davis for eliminating salmonella on nutmeats. Our steam enhanced process rapidly increases product temperature to the target range prior to processing to avoid extended periods of preheating. For commodities with sensitivity to moisture or heat our dry, extended exposure process achieves high lethality to pathogens and other bacteria while maintaining product quality.

H2O Express™ steam processing is available for spice manufacturers looking for a natural, organic pasteurization solution. Using patented vacuum technology, our steam pasteurization process provides a precise thermal exposure. Custom processes are available for pathogen control, total plate count, yeasts and molds.