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Cosmed's Proven Track Record in Food and Medical Safety

Cosmed Group’s line of pasteurization and sterilization equipment evolved through our long history providing contract services. Cosmed Group operates the equipment that we construct; our customers benefit from the refinements driven into our technologies through practical, hands on experience. Our designs incorporate a practical approach, innovative process control and a focus on regulatory expectations.

EtO Sterilizers

Incorporating 30 years of ethylene oxide sterilization experience with the ability to customize equipment to meet our customer’s specific needs, Cosmed Group’s ethylene oxide technologies are at the fore of sterilization technologies.

H2O Express Steam Pasteurizer

H2O Express Steam Pasteurizers

Consumer demand for organic, natural products continues to grow. The H2O Express™ process pasteurizes your product and packaging, providing a 5-log reduction in the pathogens of concern.

PPO Pasteurizers

PPO Pasteurizers

Incorporating the stringent requirements of medical device sterilization systems into the propylene oxide pasteurizers, our technology meets the regulatory requirements and expectations of the U.S. FDA for process control and validation.

Process Automation

Cosmed Group’s process control system leads the sterilization industry into the modern age of Management Execution Systems (MES) by incorporating inventory data with process control decisions.

Scrubbers & Environmental Controls

The Glygen 2000™ ethylene oxide environmental control system meets the U.S. NESHAP requirements for sterilizer emissions.

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