Ethylene oxide (EtO or EO) is the most widely used technology for sterilization of disposable medical devices. Over the last 30 years Cosmed Group has been the industry leader in technological innovation for the industry. In 1999 the company integrated all-in-one processing with advanced process controls to assist medical device manufacturers reduce their process inventory.

This technology utilizes dynamic environmental conditioning (DEC) for rapidly conditioning the product in the sterilizer. DEC provides uniform process conditions across the product load while dramatically reducing the time required for external preconditioning and in chamber conditioning. Where conventional preconditioning often requires 12 or more hours, DEC may require only 1 hour.

Following exposure to ethylene oxide the all-in-one processes relies on advanced techniques and sub-atmospheric pressure to rapidly remove of EO residues. International pressure to reduce the residues of EO on sterilized medical devices is increasing. In many cases the only technique capable of meeting the newest residual requirements are in chamber aeration.

For manufacturers invested in legacy sterilization processes, the advanced controls required to perform all-in-one processing are capable of simulating conventional sterilization cycles. While mimicking conventional processing conditions for temperature, relative humidity and air exchanges, in-chamber preconditioning and aeration are significantly more efficient.