Numerous recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks have been associated with tree nuts and related commodities. In response, the almond industry began mandatory pasteurization of U.S. domestic product in 2007 and today almond manufacturers are assured that their products are safe.

More recently pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts and other tree nuts have been the focus of regulatory scrutiny. Cosmed Group provides two validated technologies to ensure that nuts of all varieties are safe and free of salmonella, e-coli and other contamination.

H2O Express, our patented steam pasteurization process, was approved by the Almond Board of California for treating shelled and in-shell almonds packaged in boxes, totes, bins, breathable supersacks and bags. Since receiving the approval more than 500,000,000 lbs. have been processed. The technology is reliable, effective and ensures that products retain their natural flavor profile Today we process macadamia nuts, pecans, sunflower kernels, pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts (filberts), brazil nuts, peanuts and cashews with the same results.

Propylene oxide (PPO) is commonly used to reduce contamination in tree nuts. In cooperation with the Almond Board of California (ABC) and researchers from U.C. Davis, Cosmed Group participated in the development of a validated process for pasteurizing almonds.

Using advanced in-chamber techniques, Cosmed Group meets ABC’s pasteurization requirements in a fraction of the time required by conventional PPO processes. Rapid heating of the product prior to treatment avoids extended periods of pre-heating to meet ABC’s protocol requirements. Following processing residues of PPO are immediately reduced below regulatory limits.