Cosmed Group, Inc. (Cosmed) is pleased to announce the completion of agreement to supply ethylene oxide sterilization chambers, Glygen™ environmental control systems and facility design services to a medical device manufacturer.

In selecting Cosmed Group to assist in the development of this project, the company acknowledged the Cosmed’s practical approach to sterilization derived from 30 years’ experience operating the equipment that we construct.

Cosmed employs a "Whole Site" approach to sterilization facility design which reflects our long standing understanding that sterilizers and ancillary equipment must be carefully integrated into the full scope of a project to meet local regulatory requirements, the needs of the equipment operator, and the expectations of their customers. While sterilizers are a critical component, the entire facility must function efficiently to create maximum value. By carefully balancing the allocation of space, refining the flow of product through the facility, customizing the equipment to meet local conditions and integrating the components into a cohesive system the customer will realize maximum throughput at a minimal cost.

Our customer promotes their commitment to the environment in a publicly available ethics policy. This commitment is consistent with the global green movement. To ensure that the facility reflects those commitments, Cosmed coupled a Glygen™ environmental control system with the sterilizer vacuum pump system. The Glygen™ scrubber provides >99% removal efficiency of ethylene oxide in accordance with the U.S. NESHAP requirements. The glycol generated by the system can be recycled for further use.

For secondary emissions Cosmed is providing a dry-bed control system. The system is designed to reduce concentrations of ethylene oxide below 1 PPM, allowing a significant portion of the exhaust gases back to recirculate within controlled areas of the facility. This reduces both the emissions of ethylene oxide to the environment and minimizes the consumption of fuel to heat make-up air. The Glygen™ and the dry-bed environmental controls are passive devices requiring little maintenance to ensure reliable operation.

The customer’s project was time critical. Cosmed maintains an experienced team of sterilizer fabricators who have collaborated on the installation of more than one hundred chambers for ethylene oxide sterilization and related processes. The depth experienced within our team will allow our customer to realize an opening date only 9 months after placing their initial order for equipment.