The Technical Expert Review Panel of the Almond Board of California recently approved the validation results of Cosmed Group’s (Cosmed) pasteurization treatment of in-shell almonds packaged in poly-woven sacks. This brings the total number of TERP approvals for Cosmed up to seven (7).

David Howe, COO, stated, “The Almond Board set the bar for pasteurization process validation very high; TERP’s review of validation data is meticulous and uncompromising as they ensure almond product quality and consumer safety. With our unrivaled experience in sterilization and pasteurization, Cosmed has been uniquely able to demonstrate the efficacy of a vacuum steam process for pasteurizing almonds. We are very pleased with this recent approval.”

Cosmed’s H2O Express™ pasteurization process is available at a network of six (6) facilities across the United States. The facilities pasteurize more than 100,000,000 lbs of almonds and other nuts every year. The technology is widely used for pasteurizing other agricultural commodities including spices, sprouts, pepitas, and dried vegetables.